Resolve task only showing a point icon instead of a bounding box for Map extents for Sites in ConfirmConnect

Products affected: ConfirmConnect™
Product feature: Post Works Inspection


Some Tasks only show a point icon instead of a bounding box for Map extents for Sites in ConfirmConnect™.


• If a task has point coordinates then there is no brown rectangular overlay (it is assumed that in setting the coordinates on the task someone knew the exact location of the issue).

• Point items are identified on the map by the small triangular  pin at the bottom of the icon. Items that cover an area do not have the triangular pin on the bottom (point values are either a single x/y value or multiple values where extents have the same x/y values e.g.

Extent 1 = 100, 80; Extent 2 = 100,80 is treated as a point 100,80).

• The extents for a task are a simple rectangle created by using the highest and lowest values from any of the three extents (Extent 1, Extent 2 and Centroid). The lowest easting value is the left edge and the highest easting value the right edge and the same is done using the northings to obtain the lower and upper edges.

• The coordinates for the tasks are found using a hierarchy starting with the task itself. If the task has no coordinates then we look on the Feature and if there is no associated Feature or the Feature does not have coordinates then we use the Site coordinates. If no coordinates are found in any location, then that task will not show on the map.


UPDATED: July 9, 2019
Please check the coordinates for the affected task in conjunction with the rules outlined in the 'Cause' section of this article.