Resolve acushare does not start

Product Affected: Spectrum™ Technology Platform
Operating System: Unix, Linux, AIX, HP-Itanium



When trying to run a service in Spectrum, it will not do so because acushare is not running. Wrapper.log file reveals the following error:
<REMOTE>>acushare version x.x.x or later is not running
When attempting to restart Acushare, it starts then immediately stops.


The Acushare program is the shared memory/license management mechanism of that COBOL runtime system.
It is a lightweight daemon that must be running on your system in order to use some services like "ValidateAddress" in Universal Addressing Module(UAM) and "AssignGeoTAXInfo" in Enterprise Tax Module(ETM).
This happens when someone uses "kill -9" to stop the acushare process. The problem is that acushare creates a shared memory segment when it starts. Like files on Unix, shared memory comes with the same kinds of permissions. When acushare is stopped normally, it removes the shared memory segment and it can be started by another user.
When the "kill -9" command is used, acushare is not given the chance to clean up its shared memory segment so it is left allocated on the system. When another user tries to start acushare, the process tries to access the existing shared memory segment but does not have permissions to do so.


UPDATED: December 28, 2019
To fix this problem, follow these steps:

1. Sign on as root.
2. Run the command: ipcs -m
3. Confirm that you have a shared memory segment with a KEY of "0x41435521" and that it is owned by root.
4. Run the command: ipcrm -M 0x41435521
5. Source the CDQP/Spectrum setup script as the user. The Acushare process should start normally now.