AnySite Canada with full MapMarker throws error 2306 at launch - (sic) "cannot find the MapMarker Data"

Products affected: Anysite™


Anysite throws error 2306 at launch - (sic) "cannot find the MapMarker Data"
User is running full MapMarker 11.5 and copied the geojni.cfg from the MM
desktop folder to the AnySite_CA folder after removing references to unneeded .jar files like common-collections.jar, etc.
But at launch, AS throws the error 2306 - user browses to the MM data folder but error persists



Problem is occurring because the user was not pointing to the right folder and the MM license was not copied to the correct location.


UPDATED: September 16, 2019

To resolve, user has to COPY the MM lic file from the MM Data folder to the
MM data\Standard folder.
Then when AS launches, the user simply points to the Standard sub-folder and AS  launches without error.

For Stand Alone MapMarker Canada:

1) Navigate to following Folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\MapInfo\MapMarker_CAN_v15\desktop

2) Open in Notepad.

3) Make sure the database path has the (\Standard)  in the path:


# Optional - The number of dictionaries to be loaded.  DEFAULT=1

# Required - The path to the highest ranking dictionary.
# Note that DICTIONARY_PATH is required from 1 to DICTIONARY_COUNT.
DICTIONARY_PATH1=C:\Program Files (x86)\MapInfo\MapMarker_CAN_v15\MapMarker_CAN_v15_Data\Standard

4) Once "Standard" is added to the path, save it and,make the same change in the registry to the DatabasePath to the following key:


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