Resolve why some records with a blank state field and a valid zip code are not being rejected in List Conversion Plus

Product Affected :  List Conversion Plus 6.5.0
Product Feature :  Validating/Rejecting Zip/City/State information
Operating System: All 


Why is a record with a blank state field and a valid zip code field not getting rejected by List Conversion Plus(LCP)?



Examples of records that have blank state fields and a valid zip codes and the records were not rejected.
It was thought the records would be rejected.
The city/zip code combination is affecting if the record is rejected or not
 The input file has these values :

City               State        ZIP
WILMINGTON         DE           18222
WILMINGTON         PA           18222
WILMINGTON                      18222
WILMINGTON                      38122
WILMINGTON                      20002
MEMPHIS                         38122
WASHINGTON                      20002

Records placed in the forward file :
WILMINGTON         PA           18222
MEMPHIS                         38122
WASHINGTON                      20002

Records placed in the reject file :
Total Invalid States Rejected                                        4
WILMINGTON         DE              18222   - this is a PA zip code
WILMINGTON                         18222
WILMINGTON                         38122
WILMINGTON                         20002



UPDATED: May 10, 2019
The address parser for LCP  (all List Products too) consists of two programs.  One is for parsing city, state and zip code and another is for street addresses.  The city, state and zip code process has a “feature” which tries to find the state if it can match anything on the city line that matches a table within the program.  The internal table is below:
ATLANTA        ATLANTA                     GA
BALTIMORE      BALTIMORE                   MD
BALTO          BALTIMORE                   MD
BOSTON         BOSTON                      MA
BUFFALO        BUFFALO                     NY
CHICAGO        CHICAGO                     IL
CLEVELAND      CLEVELAND                   OH
DALLAS         DALLAS                      TX
DC             WASHINGTON                  DC
DENVER         DENVER                      CO
DETROIT        DETROIT                     MI
EDMONTON       EDMONTON                    AB
HALIFAX        HALIFAX                     NS
HARTFORD       HARTFORD                    CT
HOUSTON        HOUSTON                     TX
JAX            JACKSONVILLE                FL
JUNEAU         JUNEAU                      AK
KNOXVILLE      KNOXVILLE                   TN
LA             LOS ANGELES                 CA
MEMPHIS        MEMPHIS                     TN
MIAMI          MIAMI                       FL
MOBILE         MOBILE                      AL
MONTREAL       MONTREAL                    QC
MPLS           MINNEAPOLIS                 MN
MTL            MONTREAL                    QC
NASHVILLE      NASHVILLE                   TN
NYC            NEW YORK                    NY
OMAHA          OMAHA                       NE
OTTAWA         OTTAWA                      ON
PHILA          PHILADELPHIA                PA
PHOENIX        PHOENIX                     AZ
SEATTLE        SEATTLE                     WA
SF             SAN FRANCISCO               CA
SLC            SALT LAKE CITY              UT
TORONTO        TORONTO                     ON
VANCOUVER      VANCOUVER                   BC
WASHDC         WASHINGTON                  DC
WASHINGTON     WASHINGTON                  DC
WDC            WASHINGTON                  DC

If an entry on the city field matches any of the 2 choices, the state is retrieved from the table and returned to LCP.  Then the blank state doesn’t reject the record.  This explains why Memphis and Washington which happened to match what is on the table were not rejected .  If the state doesn’t match then the record is rejected, for example when the record with Wilmington has DE but the zip code is really for PA.  Then, no state was provided by the data or the parser.  If the city value is blank the record will be rejected. And if the state field value is blank and has an invalid city/zip code combination, the record will be rejected.