Resolve SQL Server bundled with the installer not getting installed with EngageOne Designer


SQL Server bundled with the EngageOne Designer does not get installed. A SQL Server instance is needed to host the EngageOne/Doc1 Repository.


This could be caused due to additional security policies in place that does not allows EngageOne/Doc1 installer to install SQL Sever Express edition bundled with the installer. Installation of SQL Server Express edition, bundled with the installer is attempted only if installer does not find a SQL Server instance already existing on the Server.


UPDATED: August 24, 2017
In case, SQL Server bundled with the installer does not get installed and no other SQL Server instance of the version compatible with EngageOne/Doc1 version exists on  machine to host the EngageOne/Doc1 repository, SQL Server Express edition compatible with the EngageOne/Doc1 version, can be installed manually.

It should be installed in Mixed Mode (not in SQL Authentication only mode), and it is recommended to give the instance a specific name so that same can be used
while using 'Doc1 Repository configuration tool' is used to create/update the Doc1 Repository.