Resiolve XML datatype double not viewed correctly in EngageOne Designer



XML datatype, double is not viewed correctly in the Design view:

Correct view:
User-added image
Incorrect view:
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This could be caused if XML contains a data field specified as xs:double, and a locale, compliant with XML standards for the appearance of numbers (i.e decimal separator is a comma rather than a full stop) is not selected. This is a known defect.


UPDATED: August 24, 2017
This has been fixed in latest build of 5.6 and 6.1 GA. This fix allows to update the locale in the data format after the initial import and the datamap/dictionary generation has been completed.

During importing the XML, if a locale that does not comply with XML standard is selected, that can be changed again.
After a new locale is selected in the Sample Data File Properties:
  • Dialog appears that asks if you want so apply this to all fields, choose "Yes"
  • Update the dictionary and map, the values appears correctly.
Local number formatting can also be applied in the design editor.

If issue is still unresolved, contact Client Support.