Doc1 Generate Output - External Keyed Images missing In AFP File

Product Feature: Doc1 Generate


Absence Of External Image In AFP File


1. When output is prepared using External Keyed Images, and the image format used is not specific to the output stream (ie jpg in AFP output), then the object cannot be seen in certain viewers (ie BTB).

2. There is also a problem when using keyed external images, if the first document of the output stream does not use any keyed external images, then any keyed images in subsequent document are not stored in the AFP header, so will not appear in the document.

In botch circumstances,
you need to ensure that you keymap XML file, has the Embed="true" option set.



UPDATED: April 19, 2017
1. Caused by the fact that a JPG is not an AFP compliant image, so it is placed in an object container, which although not readily viewable by some of the more basic viewers, can be viewed in more intelligent viewers, like AFP lookup.  If you want to be able to see the images in all viewers, the images embedded by Doc1Generate as part of the keyed external image process need to be AFP compatible, ie FS10, PSG or FS45

2. There is a simple Ops variable that resolves this as follows: