Error opening DBMS PostGIS table in MapInfo Professional 11.x and older

Product affected: MapInfo Pro™


When trying to open a PostGIS 2.x table with Mapinfo Professional 11.x or older (or any version older than Pro 12.0) after uploading the table with Easy Loader, an error is displayed:

Error ODBC: ODBC RC=-1, ODBC SQLState=42883, DBMS RC=7, DBMS Msg=ERROR: function public.asbinary(geometry) does not exist;


MapInfo Pro 11.0 does not Support Post GIS 2.x.


UPDATED: July 20, 2020
PostGIS 2.0 support was introduced in Mapinfo Pro v. 12.0.

Also users will need the correct driver installed; for PostGIS 2.0 version, the correct driver version is 09_01_0200-1.