Error LAD1021A when attempting to preview in Doc1 V4.5 on Windows 7.

Product Feature: Preview
Operating System: Windows 7
Products affected: Designer V4.x


Doc1 V4.5 on Windows 7 failing with "LAD1021A Preview failed because of an internal preparation failure. Please contact Customer Support for assistance" when attempting to preview an application.


Due to the introduction of User Access Control starting in Windows Vista, DOC1 4.5 will not preview even for users that are part of the Local Administrators group.
This feature in Windows Vista and later versions of the operating system limits registry and file access and since DOC1 4.5 was not designed to work for users that do not have these local administrator permissions it fails.

This applies to:
DOC1 Designer Series 4 and earlier
DOC1 for Workgroups
Message1 Series 4
DOC1 Generate Series 4
DOC1PCE Series 4


UPDATED: April 8, 2019
To enable DOC1 4.5 preview to run on Windows 7, the DLL from PTF 70095 is required (attached to article) and it should be ensured that Doc1 Designer is not installed to the "C:\Program Files" folder.

Instructions for applying the PTF
  1. Ensure the DOC1 Designer installation on Windows 7 is not C:\Program Files (eg: C:\Doc1)
  2. Back-up the existing file LADCDL.DLL – located in <Workstation Install Folder>\DLLEXE
  3. Replace the existing file with the revised one in the PTF ZIP archive file [].
  4. Restart Doc1 Designer
Please note that this fix is only available for V4.5, and will not be extended to any other 4.x release.