Resolve EngageOne Delivery Audit services not visible in Service console

Product Feature: Mail360 Services


After a installation/upgrades/changes, services of Engage One Audit Delivery is not visible in Microsoft Service Console (cmd -> services.msc)



This is an unexpected scenario.


UPDATED: August 29, 2017

Following are the steps to install the EngageOne Delivery Audit services:

1. Navigate to the installation directory i.e '<>\Delivery Audit\Data Manager Web Services\setup\os'. Default path is "C:\Program Files (x86)\PitneyBowes\EngageOne\Delivery Audit\Data Manager Web Services\setup\os"
2. Run the “installWindowsServices” VB file as shown highlighted in the above image. To run the VB file:
a. Open the Command Prompt as administrator (run -> cmd).
b. On the Command prompt, navigate to the path where the VB file is available as shown above.
c. Type “installWindowsServices” and press Enter.
3. Enter the credentials of the account that was used while installing the Engage One Audit Delivery services. Note: The account should have the Administrative rights.

If issue is still unresolved, contact Client Support.