How to resolve issue in MapInfo Pro when points created using "Create Points" are not positioned correctly relative to other known mappable layers

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™


In MapInfo Pro, user with a table of coordinate data (i.e. X, Y, or longitude, latitude data, etc.) creates points using
the Table>Create Points function that do not display correctly with respect to other mappable layers in a Map window.


The 2 most likely causes for this issue are:
  1. The incorrect projection was used during the Create Points process. For example, if user's data had coordinates created in a UTM projection but then created the points using a default Longitude,Latitude projection mistakenly.
  2. If the Projection was correct, it is likely the wrong columns were chosen for the "Get X coordinate from column" and "Get Y coordinate from column" drop-downs.


UPDATED: December 3, 2019
Create points again via Spatial>Create>Create>Create Points, (MapInfo Pro 64-bit versions) ensuring that the correct projection and correct coordinate columns are selected for the X and Y coordinate drop-downs.
The "Get X coordinates from:" should be populated with Longitude, or Easting if using a UTM projection
The "Get Y coordinates from:" should be populated with Latitude, or Northing if using a UTM projection

If coordinate columns are not visible, the values may be formatted as Character().  To allow Character type columns to display, check the box in the lower left for: "Display non-numeric fields"

Check the box "Overwrite existing points" to create the points again and therefore update their location.