Resolving the issue with multi-site reporting drawing options being greyed out in AnySite

Product affected: AnySite™


User running Anysite 9.x is trying to use the multi-site analysis tool and hand-draw multiple polygons but
the drawing options in the multi-site analysis tool are greyed out.


The drawing options in the multi-site analysis tool are grayed out if there are only boundary layers present and selectable from the "select from" drop-down and no point layers.


UPDATED: September 21, 2017
Easy workaround is to drop at least 1 custom point anywhere on the mapper:
User-added image

After dropping a point, go to the multi-site tool and note that now the options, including the "hand-drawn" option, are available now:

User-added image

And users can now draw multiple boundaries (and name them) and run reports:
User-added image

Users can then report on each individually or as a combined aggregate or only report on those areas that overlap:

User-added image