How to resolve the MapInfo Pro Initialization error: "unable to load the CLR (-2147467263)"



When a user starts MapInfo Pro, the following initialization error is displayed:

"Initialization error: unable to load the CLR (-2147467263)"

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This error typically occurs when the .NET prerequisites for MapInfo Pro are not installed correctly or are corrupt,


UPDATED: November 18, 2019
To resolve this issue, .NET should be uninstalled, cleaned and then reinstalled.

1) using control panel, first uninstall all versions of .NET
2) download the .NET cleanup tool and run it to remove all traces of .NET
3) Manually re-install the desired .NET version, making sure user has Admin rights to do so:

.NET Framework download locations

If user plans to re-install the .NET Framework after running the cleanup tool, the various versions
of the .NET Framework can be downloaded from the following locations:(Aug. 2015)

latest .NET verification and repair tool info and links:
latest .NET cleanup utility:


Verify all the installed prerequisites as per the MapInfo Pro install guide.
After examining the .net components, check if .Net services are running or not, through the command prompt -
  • Open- cmd> 
  • Type- services.msc>
  • Ensure that .Net services is start or not if not then start the service. 

 Also check the .Net security on the machine. These settings can prevent the application from running in certain conditions. Here are the steps to examine and update the .Net security settings: 
  • Launch Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Microsoft .Net framework (version#) configuration.
  • In the right pane, click the link titled "Configuration Code Access Security Policy". The right pane should change to a page titled "Code Access Security Policy". 
  • In the right pane, click the link titled "Adjust Zone Security". The 'Security Adjustment' wizard will start. 
  • Click 'Next' to accept the default (make changes to this computer). 
  • The next step will show each of the "zones" (My Computer, Local Intranet, etc.). 
  • Check what trust level is the 'My Computer zone'? 
  • Check what trust level is the 'Local Intranet zone'? 
  • If either zone is less than "Full Trust", then set it to 'full trust' and try starting the application again. 

Note: Before reinstalling MapInfo Pro, delete the MapInfo Pro user profile folders and then run the install with Admin Rights.