Invalid XML Response Document in MapInfo Pro

Products Affected:  MapInfo Professional
Product Feature: Licensing



Unable to Process the Response: Invalid XML Response Document.

While trying to upload Response.XML  file into MapInfo Pro for activating the Product.


This is an intermittent error, the cause of this error is invalid generation of Request.XML.


UPDATED: December 2, 2019
Below are my findings to solve this kind of error, kindly follow the steps mention below and let me know if you are able to activate correct license file. 
  1. This 1st email activation attempt creates an invalid request xml and therefore an invalid response xml is created and therefore activation fails: (Error: 50019 Unable to process the response. Invalid XML response document.) 
  2. If the 1st email activation fails, you will typically see a dialog stating that a 2nd xml request file must be generated and will prompt you for the location to save this 2nd file and to forward it to (who will email back a 2nd response file). 
  3. We recommend overwriting the 1st xml request file created and when you receive the 2nd xml response, overwriting the 1st xml response file with it - you can then complete activation with the 2nd xml response file. 
  4. Note: Some user's may get an error, as in this screenshot: 
  5. If you receive the error, then click "OK" to the error message and then "Back" - this should bring you to a dialog where you are asked if you are "ready to finish activating MapInfo Professional?" - you will click "No": 
  6. When you click on "NO", you are brought to a dialog where you can start Activation over - choose this option and click "Next".
  7. After clicking "Next" you will be brought to a dialog where you can verify the serial number and access code (and correct if needed)- If serial/access code are correct, then click "Next". 
  8. Follow the prompts to create a 2nd email activation request xml file and forward to . 
  9. Customer Service will process the file and reply with an Activation Response xml file which you should be able to activate Professional with.