Line Drawing Barcode not showing in PDF output from DOC1 Generate

Software Affected: EngageOne Designer
Product Feature: Printing-General Output
Versions affected: 6.6.5 and earlier


A Line Drawing Barcode does not appear on the PDF document generated in Preview or EngageOne Generate.


Line Drawing barcodes are not printed on the PDF documents from DOC1 Generate as Line Drawing barcodes are not supported in PDF output in versions earlier than 6.6.6 of DOC1 Generate. 


UPDATED: December 18, 2018
The use of Line Drawing barcodes in PDF output was introduced in V6.6.6 of EngageOne.  Any version earlier than this will not include the Line Drawing barcode in the output, for any version later than this, this will be included.
More information is available in the EngageOne Designer Users Guide under the section 'Line drawing barcodes'.