Resolving Field not visible in Interactive Data Model IDM

Software Affected: EngageOne Designer
Operating System: Windows 7

EngageOne Designer versions: 6.0.816 and 6.0.1300
SQL2008 Express edition


Case Summary:
There are some Interactive Data fields which are coming fine in the older version of EngageOne Designer GA6.0.816.  The customer upgraded to EngageOne Designer6.0.1300 but then some fields are not getting displayed in the upgraded version of EngageOne Designer. Issue can be replicated on 6.0.1300.

Windows Screenshots after restoring the customer repository in DOC1 GA6.0.816
The field AmendmentReasons is visible in Interactive Data. The DOC1 version is 6.0.816


The field AmendmentReasons is visible in DataMap as well. The DOC1 version is 6.0.816


Windows Screenshots after upgrading the customer repository to 6.0.1300
The field AmendmentReasons is visible in DataMap. The DOC1 version is 6.0.1300


The field AmendmentReasons is not visible in Interactive Data. The DOC1 version is 6.0.1300




Upgrading may have caused the issue but the exact reason is unknown.


UPDATED: September 15, 2017
Technical Support obtained a full repository backup and was able to replicate the issue.
The issue had been forwarded to engineering team and they have provided SQL fix.
We have applied the SQL fix to the repository backup which resolved the issue.

Note : The Sql fix is DB specific hence it will not be applied to any other repository which faces the same issue.
The changes have been incorporated in the higher version of EngageOne Designer 6.0.1317.