Resolve error "The ArcSDE runtime was not found (module sde91.dll)" in Confirm

Product Feature: Mapping

Database: V12



The ArcSDE runtime was not found (module sde91.dll) Error

User is having problems connecting Confirm V12 0425 mapping (Mapextreme) to our ArcSDE Layers.

They receive the following error : ‘The ArcSDE runtime was not found (module sde91.dll) ‘

Both ArcGIS (ArcEditor) v10.0 and ArcReader v10.0 are installed on this machine and they have added the ArcReader and ArcGIS bin directory paths as paths in the environment variables system properties.


The user had added the path using the command line PATH command.

While this appeared to have saved the path and the arcreader bin folder address was showing as added to the list,  afterwards when running PATH command, it in fact wasn’t set correctly and when restarting the PC the path was lost.


UPDATED: August 18, 2017
User has now added via system properties (which was restricted) and its working.