Warning "Expire Date : Non-expiring/Non-CASS" in Finalist batch report

Products Affected:  Finalist


A new release of Finalist and a new software key has been installed but batch report shows: Expire Date : Non-expiring/Non-CASS in the Finalist batch report.


Prior to Finalist 8.2, the "Expire Date : Non-expiring/Non-CASS" notation did not exist.  Starting with 8.2, if a job is not CASS configured, the Expire Date will now show that the job is not CASS certified.



UPDATED: June 25, 2019
Starting with Finalist 8.2, the logic was altered to show the Expire Date as Non-expiring/Non-CASS when running in a non-CASS mode.  In addition, the CASS FLAG= field will automatically switch to CASS FLAG = OFF when, for instance, CASS required options are not activated such asd DPV, LACSLink and SuiteLink.

From the Finalist 8.2 Release Notes: 

If CASS™ Flag = ON and a conflicting option is encountered (Configuration, Assign CR, Return DPBC, LACSLink®=OFF, SuiteLink®=OFF, or DPV=OFF), a warning message is written to the log file indicating that CASS™ has been forced off and why.

Check the log file for specifics as to why CASS FLAG was set to OFF