Resolve Repository connection failure in Sagent Dataflow

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade



Repository connection failure. This software is not compatible with the repository.


This is a known issue. To resolve this issue, do not upgrade the repository during the installation process (don't tick the upgrade repository option).
After the install completes, go to start run and type "saconfig", and check that in the repository are the details of the repository you want to upgrade.


UPDATED: November 30, 2017
  1. Go to Start-> Run and type in 'Sainrp'.
  2. New Window Dialog will open.
  3. Click Connection and make sure your Repository details are correct, then save.
  4. click upgrade.
Sainrp may already ask you to upgrade the repository when you start Sainrp for the 1st time. Since you made sure in saconfig that your default repository is set to the one you want to upgrade, then just click "Yes".

If that does not work, please try to do a repository cleanup via Sagent Admin if that had not been done before the upgrade. Then try the above steps again. 

If the above does not work, the repository DB may be corrupt. You may need to try another workaround as following:
  1. Partial export of all repository components (Base view, Meta View, Plan, Transforms) from 6.x, import (join check box enabled) to new repository in v7.x and then upgrade to V6.8.
  2. A full export/import does not work, because of the database error.
  3. If the user has successive backups for repository, then they could restore the backup.