Crime Profiler 2.0 tutorial data not found

Products affected: Encom Crime Profiler™


Tutorial Data for Crime Profiler 2.0 does not exist when software is installed.


The Crime Profiler User Guide states on Page 32 that when installing Crime Profiler 2.0,Tutorial Data. will be installed.

The documentation states:
To assist in learning how to use CrimeProfiler, a set of tutorial data is provided with the software installation. By default, the tutorial and sub-folders are installed in the following directory:

\Program Files\MapInfo\CrimeProfiler\Tutorials folder.
A total of 5 MB of disk space is required to install the tutorial data.

However, the Tutorials folder doesn't exist after installing the software.


UPDATED: July 12, 2019
Logged this as Bug - Crime-271- the tutorial data was never created. This is a typo in the user guide. Tutorial Data is not available.