Resolve "Error while accessing Envinsa Online Services" in Envinsa

Product Feature: General

Operating System: Windows 7 32bit



Whenever customer trying to access to Envinsa Server was throwing an error "getting Access Denied error".


An application under BP’s US R&M portfolio which has an interface. It takes Latitude, Longitude and Vehicle Id as an input and displays the PSAP information of the location and plots the location into the map. Basically an information is obtained by SOAP API which calls to Envinsa Online Server to retrieve the Map and Location info API calls from application DLL’s.


UPDATED: May 6, 2020
There are two steps to verify mention below:
  • Should verify the target URL that is used for accessing the web service. The recommended target URL should be “”. For example, if the code is pointed at the LocationUtility, the path should be “”. 
  • Since an error messages indicates “Request Access Denied”, it seem there is an issue with the credentials used to accessing the services.Kindly check the user ID and password you are used to submit the requests to the online services.
  • Check an access to the EOLS Directory service is working or not, if not than check with the OnDemand team with the credentials that user is using to access the service.
  • There may be the problem in credentials also.