Resolve warning in Design Studio about SARPRMDG utility

Product Feature: Utilities


The user is getting a warning message in Design Studio "Duplicate metaview Permission detected in the Repository. The 'sarprmdg' maintenance utility should be run."


This warning occurs if duplicate metaview permission's detected in the repository.


UPDATED: November 30, 2017
Binaries for the SarpRmDg are present on ftp under path /soscustomer/00561662/SaRpRmDg.rar.

Steps to apply the SaRpRmDg utility:
  1. Close all the Sagent client.
  2. Copy the SaRpRmDG.exe in Sagent client installation folder.
  3. Execute the SaRpRmDG.exe and select the repository and provide the credentials.
  4. Click OK.
Note: The binaries are only 32-bit as it is a client side utility.