DFS logging for critical senarios

Sagent DFS Server(Any Version)


Sagent DFS crash or Hang.


There could be multiple scenarios of crash/hang. For getting to actual root cause, intense logging needs to be enabled.


UPDATED: February 4, 2015
Attached (Sagent_DFS_Logging.txt) is the text file which has all the registry settings which need to enable for collecting the logs.

Changes Need to be done:-
1) In the file, the locations of the logs files are mentioned as below:-
E:\\Program Files\\Sagent\\Logs\\
2) Replace with the folder location in which you want to create the log files.
3) Save the file.
4) Change the extension of file from .txt to .reg (Sagent_DFS_Logging.reg).
5) Double Click the file. This will automatically add the entry to registry.

Restart the DFS.

Check folder specified, log files start creating.