Resolve error "GEN0128A" when Previewing or Generating output in DOC1

Product Feature: BL / AC Editor


When trying to Preview a publication in Doc1 or generate a Hip file, the error "GEN0128A Hip loading failed whilst reading the dataframe component" is thrown. See screenshot.

User-added image


This error message can occur when there is duplicate data in the Data Format.


UPDATED: August 25, 2017
The resolution lies in resolving these duplicates within the data format.

To establish if you have duplicates
*(Specifc to version 6.X - slightly different for earlier versions):

1. Open the data format that is associated with this publication.
2. Go to the data order tab in the right panel.
3. Expand the Global Record List
4. You will notice duplicate record names that are followed by "Untitled",
5. Go to your data format and rename the records to something specific.
Then go back to your data tab.
6. If you can see that there are now two records with the same name, one has your newly assigned name, and the other still has "Untitled" besides it, delete the record that has "Untitled" next to it.
7. Save and then update your data dictionary and data map.

Example of untitled duplicates in the data format:

User-added image