Resolve application crashes and the COM+ error in Exponare

Configuration: IIS
Opereating System: Win 2008 R2 (x64)


Sometime application (Exponare) throws an error "COM+". There can be a number of reason application throws COM+ activation error. It is not restrict to license related it can be related to IIS also.


COM+ error can be checked while looking into an event viewer log or simply run the web service into browser.


UPDATED: July 23, 2019
  1. Apply the Microsoft Hot fix as explained in the article
  2. From Start > Administrative Tools > Component Services
  3. Navigate to the node below > Right-click on the node > Properties
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  1. Click on the “Activation” Tab > Increase the Pool sizes as follows:
    1. min :1 per CPU
    2. max :2 per CPU
  2. Set the Creation Timeout to 120 000 ms
  3. Click on Advanced > Ensure that the "Allow intrinsic IIS properties" box is ticked> Click Ok
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Grant access to any user who will log in access to the TEMP folder C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Temp.
If you are using Anonymous access then you must grant access to the temp folder to the IUSR_LocalMachineName system account
Add IUSR and IIS_USERS to the folder C:\Program Files\MapInfo\Exponare folder.

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Reset IIS and run Exponare Enquiry
Also recommended is to enable Recycling at 1GB:
  1. Go to IIS
  2. Right-click on Exponare’s Application Pool > Right click on Recycling
  3. Set Private Memory usage at 1048576 KB (1GB)
  4. Untick “Recycle at Regular Intervals” 
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       5.  Click Next > Ensure that "Private Memory Usage" is ticked.
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         6.  Click Finish

Reset IIS and run an Application