Resolve PDF printing not working on desktops but working on laptops in Confirm® v12

Products affected: Confirm® Version 12


Initial testing of PDF printing on Confirm® version 12 was successful, however upon roll-out you experience problems with PDF printing on all your desktop PCs. Confusing the situation, all of your laptops that have received the same Confirm roll-out were able to print PDFs successfully.


The default port the Confirm PDF Printer installs to is LPT1.  If your desktop fleet does not have an LPT1 printer port (whereas their laptops do), this explains why the PDF printing does not work for the desktop PCs.

It is assumed the laptop tries to print to LPT1, fails because there is no device and then the AmyUni driver takes over and controls PDF printing successfully from the laptops.


UPDATED: August 24, 2017
Change the PDF Printer port to null in the printer settings. Also implementing this change on laptops may increase the speed of printing from those devices, too.