Resolve Win Error: 10061 Connection refused in Sagent

Product Feature: WebService



WinError: 10061 Connection refused in Sagent Data Flow.


There could be multiple cause of the issue. The user identify the component such as Sagent Automation/Web Service etc. which is throwing this error and enable relevant logs for further analysis.


UPDATED: November 15, 2017
Sagent web service:
Check for AgentMachine and Port number in Sagent registry under following path: 

AgentMachine should point to the machine running Sagent web service and Port number is the port for Sagent web service which is 18083 by default. 
Sagent Automation:
  • Make sure that the folder structure is same as in the Design Studio.
  • verify if the port number is correct.
  • verify if the Dataflow server is up and running
  • verify Automation services from Local host
There could be more reasons for this error like user permissions etc.
If the issue still remains, enable Sagent logs and send to Software Support for investigation:
Enable following logs:
  • SAPPCOM logs
  • Web Service logs
Refer sainlge utility guide to enable the logging.