Resolve issue where you cannot extract the .zip install file in Spectrum v8.0.0 SP2

Product: Spectrum Server SP2 Client Tools OS: Windows and Linux


When downloading the Client Tools installer from the Spectrum server web page, depending on system and browser settings, it may save the installer as a .zip file. When trying to extract the .zip file you will get an error saying the file is corrupted or is not a valid zip file.


As part of several deployments recently, I’ve observed the following behavior when attempting to deploy the Client Tools. Download differs from expectations:

a. The referenced web page (http://:) includes a link titled “Client Installers” with a link to :/managers/PlatformConfiguration/Exports/Setup.exe .

b. When following this link, the downloaded file that results is called “”.

c. The ‘.zip’ extension leads a user to believe that they must first decompress the file – but if you do this, the resulting setup.exe will not run.


UPDATED: August 23, 2017
Change the browser you use to connect to Spectrum Server webpage, or simply rename the .zip to an .exe file and the installer will run correctly as expected.