Resolve rendering issue on layer in MapXtreme Java

Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise x64 Edition 6.1 (build: 7601) Service Pack 1

16 cores (Intel Xeon CPU X5647 at 2926 MHz) 


For  investigating some rendering performance issues customer tried to render layer by layer to investigate the needed time for each layer. During this test they discovered that for example a street layer renders faster as soon as a second (region) layer (as boundary) is included in the map.

To render the street layer alone takes in some zoom levels up to 2.2 seconds where it is much faster if the boundary layer mentioned is included. In this case it just takes 1.2 seconds so nearly half the time.


The efficiency of MapXtreme is dependent on the Operating System and availability of RAM and other resources.


UPDATED: August 25, 2017
The resolution is to free the resources like RAM or reduce the load on processor.