Resolve error "Drillhole could not be plotted - (xsect71.mb:XXX) Datatype mismatch in expression" in Encom


Error: "Drillhole could not be plotted - (xsect71.mb:XXX) Datatype mismatch in expression".


There are a number of possible causes for this issue.


UPDATED: August 25, 2017
Check the following:

•Do the downhole data tables all have the following three fields - HoleID, Depth_From, Depth_To (or similar)?

•Are the HoleID-From-To columns in the same position and field name in each table? E.g. the First, Second, Third columns?

•Do the Drillhole Project files have the same structure? E.g. HoleID fields have to a be a character field of equal lengths, Depth columns have to be the same numerical type in each table. 

•Have you modified a downhole table's structure since creating the section?  If so, you will need to both refresh the drillhole project SQL database cache, then re-create the section before applying the modified downhole data