Error: SRVE0068E in EngageOne Correspondent

Product Feature: EngageOne Correspondent
Configuration: Websphere


In EngageOne Correspondent, when you try to create a document, a list of templates appears. However when you click on the template, nothing happens afterwards. The Screen seems to be blank..

User-added image

See the attached Microsoft Word document - screenshots.doc.


WebSphere log:
E service SRVE0068E: Uncaught exception created in one of the service methods of the servlet EditorDownloadServlet in application EngageOneCorrespondent_war. Exception created : java.lang.NullPointerException


UPDATED: July 9, 2019
Follow the steps below to resolve the problem.

The post install steps have not been applied. See the screen shot below.
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Ensure that the following are checked:
  • Override session management, and
  • Enable URL rewriting
This is also detailed in the EngageOne Installation Guide: Please refer to page 82 of the guide:

  • Install the new application.
  • Enter the Context root: /EngageOneCorrespondent.
  • Map the modules to applicable servers, select all modules, and relevant servers.
  • Set the EngageOne class loaders to Application First.
  • Click Session Management and select the following check boxes:
    • Override session management
    • Enable cookies
    • Enable URL rewriting