Resolve Data Source error "table does not exist" when accessing Oracle Spatial MAPINFO tables in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm®
Product feature: Mapping
Database: Oracle


Using Confirm® with MapXtreme you add Oracle Spatial layers, such as MAPINFO.lights, to the Map. When you try to write a Structured Query Language (SQL) statement in a Data Source, however, it says the table does not exist.


End users do not have access to spatial layers in the database to allow them to be viewed in a Confirm Data Source.


UPDATED: August 24, 2017
Your Database Administrator (DBA) will need to run SQL to GRANT SELECT permissions to the CONFIRM user in the database because the Confirm application uses the CONFIRM user to connect to the database.  This needs to be done for each 'mapinfo' table.
It is not done as standard, but is easy to do and can be added to the Stored Procedure that creates new layers, so that it will keep it working for the future too.

The 'mapinfo' tables are not included in the Data Source wizard but you can see the columns that are available by adding the layer to a map and using the 'information'/info tool (i) to see the details.