Error "20100" on DPV using Finalist on Windows and Unix

Products Affected:  Finalist
Operating System: Unix, Windows,



Error 20100 on DPV executing Finalist job.


An error 20100 on DPV may indicate a problem with the DPV security file location, an incorrect DPV database path (or database vintage is not the same as the other databases), an incorrect Delivery Point Validation parameter setting in the configuration file, etc.


UPDATED: June 17, 2019
Here are some Items to check in a Unix or windows environment:
  • In the configuration file (pbfn.cfg), make certain the path to DPV database is correct (DPV Filepath =)
  • Make sure that the$ and$ security files are in the bin directory where the job is being executed.
  • Make certain the database is installed successfully, is the same vintage as other databases (Finalist, LACS and Suitelink) and that the Delivery Point Validation = parameter is set correctly in the configuration file.
  • Make sure DPV key is correct in the configuration file.