Resolve ERROR 71513: received damaged message, error [72124] in EngageOne Vault


You can encounter the below error message in EngageOne Vault Loader:
"ERROR 71513: received damaged message, error [72124] in vault server logs".


This is caused when EngageOne Vault server gets data which it's not able to interpret. 

That could be caused in below scenario(s):
(1) Bad EngageOne Vault client that is not correctly formatting data
(2) An unrelated application that is connecting to the EngageOne Vault port due to inappropriate configuration.
(3) A port scanner (they often send garbage data to the scanned port to prompt a response in order to identify the server)


UPDATED: January 26, 2018
This is easily reproducible by sending some junk data on the machine: port where EngageOne Vault server is running. Port on which EngageOne Vault server is running can be known by server.ini.
You can also reproduce by taking help of any other application which communicates over tcp \ Ip port. for example if you have SQL Server installed on a machine.
1) Stop all the SQL Server service running on the machine.
2) Change the configuration in server.ini to run the EngageOne Vault server on 1433 (on the port on which application is running). Start EngageOne Vault server as changes were made in the ini file.
3) Start the SQL Server (or application) reporting service which interacts with the SQL Server (or sends data on 1433 port). EngageOne Vault server, upon receiving this data (intended for SQL Server), will throw this error in the log file.