Resolving unavailable fields causing EngageOne Generate to abort

Software Affected: EngageOne Designer / Generate


Unavailable fields in data used at run time causing EngageOne Generate to abort


If a data field is used either directly, or via a variable in Designer, then it must be available in the data used in conjunction with EngageOne Generate.


UPDATED: August 5, 2019
This can be addressed by using the "unavailable field" options in the data format editor:

User-added image

This gives the user the option to replace any unavailable field with a default value, for example, if the String field option was set to replace with a constant value of "empty field", which could be checked in the application design to determine what to do in the event of this value being returned.

Alternatively, by inserting a condition and checking that the field "is set" in your application design:

User-added image
Specific actions could be put in place in the result of this conditional check being true.