Error "unable to load license report DLL. Setup cannot continue" installing MailStream Plus or CODE-1 Plus on Windows

Products affected: MailStream Plus™, CODE-1 Plus™
Operating System: Windows


Error "unable to load license report DLL. Setup cannot continue" when installing MailStream Plus™ or CODE-1 Plus™ on Windows Server 2003, 2008, etc.


The error message is due to an internal program table that cannot be found, or the pre-requisites for running the install are not correct.  One cause can be from being logged into the server remotely, but the installation files are on your local PC. 


UPDATED: May 4, 2020
It is recommended that you have the installation/setup files be on the actual server machine when doing the installation.

The following steps should not be done without first contacting Software Technical Support:
The follow are required:

Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0  -
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0  -
Microsoft C++ 2010 SP1 Runtime Redistributable package (x86)  -

It is possible that one of these requirements are not found on the machine. This would prevent the ACUCOBOL runtime from starting properly, which is likely to cause this issue.