Resolve Connection creation failed with Oracle Automate BPA 9

Product Feature: Repository

Operating System: Oracle



While installing AutomateBPA server 9 with the repository in an Oracle database, following error is encountered:

"connection creation failed" 


OLEDB Provider for Oracle is needed to setup Automate BPA repository in Oracle database.


UPDATED: September 5, 2017
User will need to install BPA Server 9 using the OLE DB Provider for Oracle.User will also need to install the Oracle Data Access Components for Windows. This should allow the test connection to the database to be successful. However, user may find that no tables are created after the install. If this is the case, user will need to run the attached table creator tool.

If user has already had a BPA Server installed, there is a tool that reference a couple of XML files from a previous installation and will create the tables within the database. Following are the steps:
  1. Stop the BPA Server 9 Services.
  2. Run the TestTableCreator.exe.
  3. Restart the BPA Server 9 Services.
This will create the default tables that are created at the time of installation.