Vault render ERROR 80633: Tray settings are not ready

6.1 all platforms


I see error 80633 in the render log.  What causes that?


:39:28 <render1> render.transform request, pagecount [8], database [default], output [2], file [20120406125603-8110c201-002-r], page [1], account [959004833], date [2012/03/31], offset [000000500012ACD1] 
09:39:28 <connection1> database.resolve request, database [default], output [2], file [20120406125603-8110c201-002-r], offset [000000500012ACD1], account [959004833], date [2012/03/31] 
09:39:28 <connection1> storage.fileversion returned, fileverready [1], filevermajor [1], fileverminor [3], fileverext [], elapsed [32] 
09:39:28 <render1> ERROR 80633: Tray settings are not ready


UPDATED: August 23, 2017
There are two buttons in the ServiceWeb client:  Render PDF (with background) and Render PDF (without background)

If you attempt to  Render PDF (with background) on a document that has no background defined you will get this error message.

Using Render PDF (without background) will eliminate the error.

It's also possible to get this error rendering a document through the JAVA API using the 
which assumes that the document has a background.  This is the default for historic backwards compatibility reasons.
This particular document doesn't have a background so you'll get an error message in 6.1:
09:39:28 <render1> ERROR 80633: Tray settings are not ready
Is this preventing the document from rendering in 6.1?  If not, this error could perhaps be ignored.
Otherwise, you can use the Java API call:
RenderOption.setEnableBackground(false) to disable the background
Some of your documents have backgrounds however so in order to have each document display appropriately you'd have to set the option as appropriate to the document you are rendering.