ERROR 80633 in EngageOne Vault


Following error is observed while rendering the PDF output from EngageOne Vault:
<Host IP:Port> <render1> render.transform request, pagecount [8], database [default], output [2],file
[<file name>], page [1], account [959004833], date [2012/03/31], offset [000000500012ACD1] 
<Host IP:Port><connection1> database.resolve request, database [default], output [2], 
file [20120406125603-8110c201-002-r], offset [000000500012ACD1], account [959004833], date [2012/03/31] 
<Host IP:Port> <connection1> storage.fileversion returned, fileverready [1], filevermajor [1], 
fileverminor [3], fileverext [], elapsed [32] 
<Host IP:Port> <render1> ERROR 80633: Tray settings are not ready


There are two buttons in the ServiceWeb client: Render PDF (with background) and Render PDF (without background). If an attempt to render PDF (with background) on a document that has no background defined will get this error message.


UPDATED: January 3, 2020
  • Ensure that the document rendered as Render PDF (with background) have a background. 
  • Use the Java API call: RenderOption.setEnableBackground(false) to disable the background. Some of the documents have backgrounds so, need to set the option as appropriate to render the document.