Two users, set up with the same Security access and Workgroups, see different search results for Jobs and Defects in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm®


In Confirm® two users who were set up in the same way - both having the same Security access and being in the same Workgroups - observe different search results for Defects and Jobs.


One of the users is a Contractor as well as an Action Officer and, on the Contractors screen, was linked to himself as a Contractor. This link on the Contractors screen meant the user was restricted to only view Jobs and Defects that were of a status 'Available to Contractor'. This is to say the link made the user become a 'Contractor User'.


UPDATED: November 29, 2018
Remove the link between the Contractor and Action Officer on the Contracts screen in Confirm. As a user with System Administrator privileges, go to the Contracts screen for the user, click the Officer tab, then click the Details button. Then, on the open dialog box, click Delete.