Resolve Template Version not getting updated in EngageOne Server

Product Feature: Template Management


Template version numbers are not being updated when importing a new version of a template. Instead of a new version being imported as 2.0/3.0/etc., it is being imported as another version 1.0.


This issue is occurring because there is a special character in the template name (Publication name in EngageOne Designer). Several special characters are not supported in Template names.


UPDATED: October 10, 2017
In order to resolve this, in Engageone Designer, rename the Publication to remove the special character from the name.
Republish the Publication for EngageOne and re-import into EngageOne Admin.
After the second Template has been imported, the new version number will be 2.0.

It is also documented that several characters are not supported in Template name such as: 
+ - && || ! ( ) { } [ ] ^ " ~ * ? : \