Mail360 Data Manager Job Marked For Deletion

Product Feature: Mail360 Data Manager ingestion process



Mail360 Data Manager not processing transaction or receiving ACS and Confirm scan events


Mail360 Data Manager Job failed to process. When the job is re-ingested for process the job will be labeled JOB_MARKED_FOR DELETION the reason for the message is the continuous re-ingestion of a failed job.


UPDATED: August 30, 2017
Research the reason for the job failure from ‘input_files’ and then proceed with following the manual rollback process as mentioned in the Technical Note 002 Process Failed Input Job File.
NOTE: Regular re-ingestion of a FAILED job will lead to a deadlock that results in ‘job file not found’ and ‘job marked for deletion’ errors typical errors. If files failed because have corrupt data in the input file[s] that were sent for ingestion the process my require manual reversion of the failed job per Technical Note 002 Process documentation.