Resolving EngageOne Enrichment jobs failing with memory issues

Software Affected: EngageOne Enrichment


EngageOne Enrichment fails with a return code of 8


EngageOne Enrichment failing with a RC of 8 and memory issues are the cause.


UPDATED: October 24, 2017
When using the various buffer settings in Streamweaver to control memory usage, if these setting are incorrect, the log files reports what has been set and what has been used, see below example:

Single-Document Memory Total Acquired: 985K Initial Size: 1K
Total Used: 954K Growth Factor: 50%

This tells you that the single buffer size has been set to 1K, but that the amount actually used is 954K

Document Buffer Memory Total Acquired: 32768K Number of Buffers: 1
Total Used: 2132K Buffer Size: 32768K

This tells you that the document buffer has been set to 32M, but is only using 2M, so might need to be adjusted

The important values to check are the Total Used, and the Buffer Size to confirm the values you should be using.

Please refer to the EngageOne Enrichment Language Reference Guide for further details