Error 8005 "File does not end on a reasonable record boundary" error in VeriMove

Products Affected:  VeriMove


A VeriMove job returns the following error in the event.log:

E8005 File: N/A Line: N/A
File does not end on a reasonable record boundary.



There are 2 possible causes:
  • An incorrect record length defined in the jobdef.  
  • An incorrect selection to "use CRLF" in the “Character Set” area under the General tab in the Verimove GUI.


UPDATED: August 22, 2019
The following will correct the above causes:
  • Ensure the input file record length is correctly defined in the jobdef matching the actual input file.  
  • If all input file records end at the defined length, use an editor program in hex mode identifying end of line shows the following...
    • A "0A" (line feed) or
    • The pair "0D" (carriage return) and "0A" (line feed).  
      • If the line ends with only "0A", the “Use CRLF” option should not checked.  
      • If the line ends with the pair of "0D" and "0A", be sure the “Use CRLF” option is checked.