Resolving Page Layout Differences for Multiple Output Devices in EngageOne Designer/Generate

Software Affected: EngageOne Designer/Generate
Product Feature: Printing-General Output


Using non-identical page layout for more than one output devices is not generating the exact outputs for the devices.

E.g. PDF page layout is set to AUTO while AFP page layout is set to A4 or Custom

The PDF and AFP output files are different.


The use of anything other than Page Size set to AUTO in multiple output devices is not supported.


UPDATED: November 6, 2017
As soon as you deviate from the layout described by PDF and AFP, in terms of paper size, you are required to run separate jobs, which means generate individual HIP for each output device.

Only identical page layouts can be processed as multiple outputs. This should be AUTO page layout only. Identical page layout set to Custom or A4 is not supported.

Another alternative for AFP, is to use your own N-Up formdef and allow DOC1 to work to the same A4 single layout.