Resolve "Feature KGR does not exist in license. Check out failed for KGL/KGR/RealTime" error in Spectrum

Product Feature: US Component

Version: 7,8,9


Customer is executing a dataflow and is getting the following error:

ERROR [ServiceGateway] Exception thrown by Stage:ReverseGeocodeUSLocation in dataflow ReverseGeocodeUSLocation: com.g1.dcg.stage.LicenseException: Feature KGR does not exist in license. Check out failed for KGL/KGR/RealTime.


Customer is not licensed for reverse geocoding. It is a separate licensed feature within the Enterprise Geocoding Module (EGM).


UPDATED: May 12, 2020
If customer is not licensed for KGR/RealTime, they can speak to their sales representative for pricing of reverse geocoding feature in EGM.

If customer is licensed for 
KGR/RealTime, please open a case with our Support Group by sending an email to "" or calling "1.800.367.6950" and they will have Fulfillment investigate your license. 
Remember to export your current license from Management Console and attach to the email you are sending the Support Group.