Resolve issue where User cannot delete Field even when Publication that used field is deleted in DOC1 Series 5

Product Feature: Utilities


The customer deleted a Publication from a strand.
They then tried to delete items from the Data Dictionary that were referenced only by that publication.
Doc1 would not allow the deletion stating that the item was still being referenced by the previously deleted publication.



Doc1 Series 5 had a "Trash Can" that would "store" deleted items.
The only way to permanently delte those items would be to use the Purge funtion of the Repository Configuration Tool.

When you delete single items in a strand in V6 of designer, they are not truly deleted, just hidden from view (if you select "show deleted items" you will see these items with a red X next to them in the tree), so if you attempt to delete a field or data dictionary item that is used by this publication, you will get the warning that it is in use so cannot be deleted.


UPDATED: August 25, 2017

There is a workaround though, and this is to branch the strand that contains the deleted objects to a new strand.  When you create the new strand, none of the deleted objects are carried forward, so you can then delete the entire old strand.  Worth a test, but backup before you do this.
Unlike V5, V6 does not have a trash bin, and purged using the Integrity Check Tool (which cannot be used with V6 as you know) and everything is controlled via strand management, so currently, this is the only way to achieve this.