Resolve error in AnySite regarding "current TEMP directory contains a dot in the path..."

Products affected: AnySite™


AnySite user attempts to create DriveTime geographies and sees an error message regarding
"Current TEMP directory contains a dot in the path...":

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Select multiple points in a given area on a map for drive times.

Click on Multi-Site Analysis

Select Drive Times and click OK.

Error attempting multiple drive times when selecting points to run Multi-Site Analysis drive times on a map.

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UPDATED: September 20, 2017

Check environmental variable to make sure your temp directory is the local temp directory C:\Temp and not userprofile temp.

(any temp folder within a user profile that has a period (.), or dash (-) the Anysite.ini will not accept when attempting drive time.

Go to the following to change:

Click on Start & Right Click on Computer and Left Click on Properties.

On the Left, click on Advanced system settings.

On Advanced Tab, click on Environment Variables.
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Under User Variables select the first TEMP Directory and select the Edit button.

Change the Variable value From: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp to: C:\Temp

Repeat this step for any existing TEMP variables.

Click OK.

Click Apply and OK to close out of System Properties.

Close out of Anysite, and Restart Anysite.

User will now be able to successfully create a Drive-Time without error.