Error Raster engine error 4 in MapInfo Pro

Products Affected: MapInfo® Raster 


While using MapInfo Pro™, the error "Raster engine error: 4" is thrown when:
  1. Printing PDF at A0 600 dpi from the MapInfo Pro PDF driver
  2. Trying to open a raster file or add another raster


This error is usually caused because there is not enough memory on the computer to process the request.


UPDATED: December 6, 2019
To resolve the error when printing:

Enable the Subdivide Printing method
  • This breaks the print jobs into multiple, smaller, print requests for better print quality.
  • This is useful when printing large raster/translucent maps to large paper 
  • If unchecked, the print is done in a single request and usually  fails due to insufficient memory.
To enable subdivide printing go to Options > Preferences > Output Settings >Printing tab and then enable Subdivide Printing

To resolve the error when opening a raster:

  1. Change Image Processing from “Always” to “None” in Map Options. To enable this option, go to Map tab > Options > Map Options > Image Processing
  2. You also need to make sure that Enable block access is set to On in Raster preferences. To enable this option, go to PRO (Backstage) > Options > MapInfo Pro Raster > Preferences>Display
If the error appears while adding a raster in a different projection, it is recommended to reproject one of the rasters (using the Raster Reprojection tool), so that both rasters have the same projection.