MSMSS3 Ended abnormally error. Processing terminated in MailStream Plus job

Product Affected: MailStream Plus™
Platform:  Windows 




A MailStream Plus™ (MSP) job running on Windows with a large input file that is over 4 gigs that showed this in the <jobname>.xlg :

03/17/2017  07:40:57            MSNA00A    I MSNA00A ended normally.
03/17/2017  07:41:42            MSRP00     I MSRP00 started. 
03/17/2017  07:41:42            MSMSS3     I MSMSS3 started.
03/17/2017  07:52:43            MSMSS3     I MSMSS3 Ended abnormally. Processing terminated.
03/17/2017  07:52:43            MSDR01     I MSDR01 Ended abnormally. Processing terminated.

<jobname>.log shows this -
Executing MSDR00         
MSDR00 ended unsuccessfully

This Windows job is running on and there is no hint as to why the job is ending abnormally.


MSP is not presenting a great error to investigate the problem.  So for troubleshooting the 'wrun32.exe' line in the <jobname>.bat script was changed from this -
wrun32.exe "%G1MSP%\lib\MSDR00.acu"
to this -
wrun32.exe "%G1MSP%\lib\MSDR00.acu" >>"%G1MSP%\data\%G1JOB%.LOG"
And the job.was reran.

Now the jobname.log, shows this:
MSRP00 started.
MSMSS3 started.
MSMSS3 Ended abnormally. Processing terminated.
MSDR01 Ended abnormally. Processing terminated.
MSDR00 ended unsuccessfully

The job still fails.
This issue is 1 of 2 things.  MSP is attempting a sort.  Either the file is not there to be sorted, or there is a space issue (not enough space to do the sort.)


UPDATED: May 14, 2019
In this job the file is there. In this example the file is the mswkms file (Detail Record file)-
and it was shown to be generated in this step -
MSPSWD00   I  19639547 Detail Records Generated
There was not enough space to do the sort. 
When the job ends, it does all of the deletes.  That is why all the space showed up at the bottom of the log shown below.  This log was written after the temporary internal files were deleted.  

03/17/2017  05:36 PM                   0     Friday.256
03/17/2017  02:58 PM              29,568     Friday.ERR
03/17/2017  07:52 AM             104,277     Friday..LOG
03/17/2017  07:40 AM      11,654,093,000     Friday.NRC
03/17/2017  07:40 AM      10,054,021,374     Friday.OUT
03/17/2017  03:01 PM              75,360     Friday.PLT
03/17/2017  05:34 PM              41,431     Friday.prm
03/17/2017  07:52 AM             137,159     Friday.RPT
03/17/2017  07:52 AM             186,923     Friday.RPT.RTF
03/17/2017  05:49 PM           42,045,696    Friday.SOR
03/17/2017  05:36 PM                   0     Friday.TRA
03/17/2017  05:34 PM       4,723,435,596     Friday.txt
03/17/2017  07:41 AM               1,024     Friday.vix
03/17/2017  07:52 AM             204,515     Friday.XLG
03/17/2017  07:52 AM             255,156     Friday.XLG.RTF
              15 File(s) 26,474,631,079 bytes
               0 Dir(s)  81,260,048,384 bytes free

To know how much space is left at the end of the job, in the <jobname>.bat the ':CLEANUP' section the DEL steps could be removed or commented out, and then the drive would show there was not enough space free.
Or just get more space.  At least 30 more gigs will be needed for this job's file sizes.  But more space could be needed with another 20 or 30 gigs depending upon all of the reports written out.

***This same error (non-error) can happen on any sort step***