Resolve Spectrum Input option 'MatchMode' has invalid value: RelaxedMode

Product Feature: Java

Operating System: Not stated

Version: 7,8,9


User read in the Spectrum guide the following for Enterprise Geocoding Module (EGM):


CustomMode - This option allows you to specify which parts of a candidate address must match the input address to be considered a close match. Use the MustMatch<Element> options to specify the address elements you want. This is the default value.

RelaxedMode - All candidates are considered close.

Using Java code, user is creating a request object and is adding the MatchMode option as:

request.putOption("MatchMode", "RelaxedMode");

When running the code, this error occurs:

Error Occurred, Exception thrown by Stage:GeocodeUSAddress in dataflow GeocodeUSAddress: com.g1.dcg.stage.StageException: com.g1.component.geostan.GeoStanComponentInvalidOptionException: Input option 'MatchMode' has invalid value: RelaxedMode


User is looking at the matching options for the EGM GeocodeAddressAUS service. The GeocodeAddressUS service matching options are different from the GeocodeAddressAUS service.

For the GeocodeUSAddress service, MatchMode options are:
  • Custom
  • Exact
  • Close
  • Relax
  • CASS


UPDATED: September 9, 2019
Update Java code and change the MatchMode option to:

request.putOption("MatchMode", "Relax");